13 Dancings (BE, 2013)

This Project was born during a residence with Art’s Collective “Theatre de La Liberté vzw”, hosted by “Nadine space”, were dance solos coexist with objects, space creates tensions and the frame becomes the viewer: the relation between object and viewer gets into conflict. While the formal context its based to the approach in red neighbour`s window, the

relation starts from the viewing, in a mechanism activated from both directions , the space created between the inner point and the outer one, as generators of content.
Music from Mathias Liaiaroutzos. With Geert Vaes, Eveline Van Bauwel, Marc Iglesis, Dora Zoumpa, Nico Delatouwer, Evi Zoumpa, Ayelen Parolin, Anna Zoumpa, Pol Chou, Ubay Martin.

Showcased at StaffStuff#1 (2015) and Sex In The City (Halles St Géry, 2016. Curated by Sthéphanie Pécourt)