StaffStuff#2: ORBIT

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Staff’Stuff#2: Orbite receives around 400 visitors: This time, based in a residence of 4 months, where all artists would create under the same background: An history of meteors and Antartica. Under the same foundations, they will create a common language, were links and connections are quite clear, and the implications with the space thought scenography, and the interventions within rest of artworks, recreate an universe bizarre et uncommon, were art exist by itself trough ours eyes, as the sensible Plato world, and we walk around this settled space as outer explorers. With Ilaria Fantini, Juliette Cazalic, Margaux Dinam, William Lambeau, Lucie Bourdon, Marie Lapoutge, Joseph Rioton, François Patoue, Morgan Dulong, Rachelle Magnan, Emilien Simon, Corentin Guillonnet, Mathias Liaroutzos, Santiago Garcia, Aurelien Vanderbayghe, Charlotte Bohn, Victoria Palacios, Joseph Rioton


and others