Wake up. Cold shower. L.Carnitine, Vit.D. Omega 3. D-Acid Aspartic.
L-Leucine.6 eggs. Isolate protein. Oats.Go.Workout.Lift weights Pump iron.
I’m iron. I do pump. Bench press 110k. Squat 140k Overhead Press 80k.
I’m iron. My cells grow. All of them. Bigger than the sun.
Eat.70% protein. 20% carbs 10% healthy fats.
Go heavy. Take some estrogen blocker. (They are EVERYWHERE).
Hate estrogens, love T. I’m iron, bigger than the sun.I pump.
Go make some cardio. Cardio is ok. DEADLIFT Is better.
Fitness is for the weak. Fear the others. Nothing.
Go show your massive torso. Youth.Freedom, Power.Get some nitrites.
25 grams of pure whey isolate 5 times a day. Fear loneliness. Nothing.
I’m big, I’m iron. I pump iron. I’m here, watch me: I’m massive.
Fear death. Nothing.
Conquer back your body. Build an empire on cells,
get no secrets on ATP: Creatine, 5 mg everyday. Fear cancer. Nothing.
More whey, more complex carbs. Avoid sugar. Sugar is evil.
Diabetes is judgement day.Fear Yourself. Nothing
I’m pump. I’m the sun.I’m iron.
Take Melatonin, ZMA, and Sleep.

Ubay Martin



A New curated show, this time at the artist run space that he runs among others at @COHERENT, in a new group show including Naomi Gillon, Pedro Matos, Vincent Lorgé and the performance of Juan Pablo Plazas in the fully functional installation (curator’s creation) Basic Fear


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