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Last Time I saw you is a Revolt Lab, a framed experiment to recreate dynamics of chaos, but also of beauty. Dealing with invisible forces, appropriating the language of protests, manifestations and revolutions to use and play around the revolution as a match, as a forgotten and forbidden playground.

Live show 40 min. Co produced with Nuit Blanche Brussels 2018.

30 performers, Sound, lights, others.

Art Direction: Ubay Martin.
Soundscape: Mathias Liaroutzous.
Production Assistant:  Valentin Guenno.
Direction Assistant: Juliette Framorando.
Technical Direction: Paola Pisciottanno.
Scenic Concept: Miguel Peñaranda.
Choreography Assistants: Ines Lopez and Louis Richard
Logistics and Dramaturgic Assistant: Aurelien Vandenbeyvanghe
Communication Manager: Perrine Benhaim
Photography: Alice Paillot, Emilie Flisch
Video: Aymeric Zach and Jean Tertrain
Scenic Space concept: Sarah Herssens
Co-created with Marc Iglesias, from workshop “How to build your own RIOT”